3 Important Factors To Improve Search Engine Optimization

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Search engines like Google perform millions of searches each day & the results they populate in a matter of milliseconds is extraordinary. What’s even more incredible is how rarely, if ever, we need to go onto the second page of Google. That’s because they do such a good job of determining what sites match your search query.  But have you ever wondered how they are able to decide who goes where?

There are millions of active websites online, having people comb through each & every site to figure out what it’s about just isn’t possible. Google has developed a very complex robot that crawls through the web & determines what each site is all about.  The robot works quickly & is highly effective at figuring out what your site is about. It decides if your website delivers enough value to appear in the search results.

When we optimize web pages for natural rankings, we focus on many elements of your page. Here are 3 important factors that determine page ranking on Google:


A backlink is simply one website linking to another. This has a huge impact on SEO because Google counts a link as a vote of confidence to the website it is linking to. The quality of backlinks is very important, you need to have websites that have authority linking up to you. The best way to do this is to ensure your site delivers value to people. A great way to do this is to have regular blog posts that deliver great, engaging content.

A Good Keyword Strategy

Having good keyword density in your copy is the foundation for SEO. Most websites tend to over-optimize here to the point that the website no longer makes sense to a human being – which is who your site is for right?
Any attempts to stuff keywords all over your site will result in Google penalizing you. You might even be removed from the search engine completely. Just keep it natural!

Responsive Design

A responsive website is the ability for your site to adjust its layout to match the screen size of the device it is being loaded from. This is hugely important because more than 50% of all searches are done on mobile phones. If your site can’t adjust so that the content is viewable on a small screen, it just won’t be offered to mobile users at all.

Remember that nobody can guarantee a page 1 ranking on Google, but with important optimizations, all good quality sites can rank. How does your site perform?